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Professional Development

Close the STEM Loop

Milestone C's leadership and vast network of industry professionals proudly offer professional development programs for educators, as well as school and district-level administrators. Our STEM Loop workshop and Pedro-X leadership & team-building simulation can be offered together as a full-day program or separately as half-day programs.


These workshops facilitate an open dialogue between educators and high-ranking, active industry professionals. As presentations by panelist flow into an open discussion, participants explore cutting edge technologies and techniques to bring into the classroom.  The distinct objective is to close the loop between STEM education and real-world industry practices and demands.


Previously developed by Milestone C’s co-founder Cemocan "Gemo" Yesil to train executive teams at GE, Bigelow Tea Company, and other corporate giants, the Pedro-X leadership & team-building simulation tests the collaborative skills of even the most seasoned teams. This unique, lightning-paced professional development opportunity pulls educators and administrators out of the classroom/office environment to plan, brief, and execute a search and rescue mission based on real-world scenarios. The debrief is facilitated jointly by Milestone C and the host organization, as participants realize the lessons learned during the exercise are directly applicable to the execution of their daily responsibilities and interpersonal interactions.