Milestone C
Engineering & Aviation After School


A Hands-On Aerospace Experience!

Milestone C is a groundbreaking engineering & aviation STEM program for grades 7-12.  Envisioned as an internship experience, our After-School Program and Summer Camp offer students applied skills as an introduction to aerospace careers.

No prerequisites, no previous experience required!

This unique, high-impact curriculum was created by leaders at Fortune 500 aerospace corporations, veteran aviators, and research scientists specifically for Milestone C.

Registration is now open for:

Scholarships are available through Milestone C and generous sponsors.


Motivate and empower future STEM leaders to make educated college and career decisions.


A hands-on laboratory environment facilitating internship experiences for high school students.

Our curriculum, centered around an Engineering Design Project that follows real-world industry processes, takes a multi-disciplinary approach to shaping future STEM leaders and developing the following essential skills:

  • Professional Conduct & Confidence
  • Effective Leadership & Teamwork
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking & Formal Presentation
  • Analytical Thinking & Task Management
  • Situational Awareness & Decision Making

The Milestone C Summer Camps are identical to the after-school programs in terms of curriculum and total hours of instruction (40).  The summer camps include 10 sessions delivered over 2 to 3 weeks in July and August each year.

The 14-week After-School Program will launch with the fall semester in September 2017, and repeat every spring and fall thereafter. Each semester consists of 17 sessions (14 after school and 3 on weekends).


The greatest support we can ask for is your help spreading the word about Milestone C. You can download one-page pdf pamphlets and our concept paper using the buttons below. We would greatly appreciate circulation among your business and personal networks, as well as shares on social media linking to our website.


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