Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders


Nation’s Premier Project-Based Curricula

Milestone C is home to the nation’s most advanced and complete STEM curricula.  All our programs have been designed directly by industry professionals to facilitate project-based learning and shape future STEM leaders.

Individual courses and multi-semester learning tracks are now available to schools and districts nationwide!

Direct from Industry Professionals

Our staff of management-level Fortune 500 engineers, research scientists, software developers, veteran aviators, and seasoned educators jointly develop unrivaled 21st century learning products that define the cutting edge of STEM education.

NGSS-Mapped | Available Nationwide

Milestone C programs map to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and are available for subscription on a per-use or long-term basis.  Schools can subscribe to individual courses or complete learning tracks.

After-School Programs | Summer Camps | Professional Development

In Connecticut only, we also offer a variety of after-school programs and summer camps for middle and high-school students, as well as professional development for educators and administrators.  These programs are hosted by schools across the state and delivered by Milestone C instructors in person.


Motivate and empower the next generation of STEM leaders to make confident college and career decisions


Nation’s premier experiential STEM programs and project-based curricula emulating real-world STEM industries