Milestone C
Engineering & Aviation After School


Engineering & Aviation After School

Milestone C is a groundbreaking after-school aerospace program envisioned as an internship experience for high school students. Our STEM curriculum offers applied engineering and aviation skills as an introduction to aerospace careers.

This streamlined, high-impact program was created by leaders at Fortune 500 aerospace corporations and veteran aviators. Registration for Fall 2017 opens on April 3rd, with classes starting September 5th.


Cultivate future aerospace leaders with career aspirations rooted in confidence and hands-on experience.


Create an engaging laboratory environment that offers students an internship experience to make educated college and career decisions.

Much like a workout routine targeting multiple muscle groups, our high-impact curriculum takes a multi-disciplinary approach to cultivating future aerospace leaders. To that end, our syllabus includes leadership & team-building simulations used by corporate giants, a hands-on engineering design project, flight simulator training, presentations by distinguished guest speakers, college & career mentorship, and field trips to develop the following skills:

  • Professional Conduct & Confidence
  • Effective Leadership & Teamwork
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking & Formal Presentation
  • Analytical Thinking & Task Management
  • Situational Awareness & Decision Making

The 14-week program will launch with the Fall semester in September 2017, and repeat every Spring and Fall thereafter. Each semester consists of 17 sessions (14 after school and 3 on weekends). Visit our schedule page for more details.  A 2018 Summer Camp is also under development.

Registration is open to all Connecticut high school students interested in engineering, aviation, and aerospace careers. Full and partial scholarships will be available funded by Milestone C and our generous sponsors.

Milestone C will be targeting Fairfield and New Haven Counties during its first year in Connecticut. We will hold classes in Fairfield, Stratford, and Woodbridge. Additional locations based on general interest or changes to current locations will be announced to ensure each prospective student can locate a program within short commuting distance.  If you want to see a Milestone C program in your town, please contact us now.


The greatest support we can ask for is your help spreading the word about Milestone C. You can download a one-page pdf pamphlet here or using the button below.  We would greatly appreciate circulation among your business and personal networks, as well as shares on social media linking to our website.

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