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"For the past decade, it has been my mission to find unique and exciting STEM programs for the staff and students in our district.  Although we have participated in many, none compare to the curriculum that Milestone C offers.  Milestone C is much more than just a fun and exciting STEM program.  The problem-solving, critical thinking and team-building delivery of instruction provides students with the qualities that all universities and employers are seeking in a high quality candidate.  The experiences that the students gain after completing any one of Milestone C courses, will not only prepare them for a future career in a STEM field, but more importantly, for life."
Tina Henckel, Asst. Director of STEM, Shelton Public Schools
"As a science teacher, I was very impressed with Milestone C. I was inspired by the amount of growth I saw in each of the students, and I am confident that the skills these students learned will be valuable in their future education and careers. I encourage every student who has an interest in engineering or aviation to sign up for the program!"
Liz Snape, Science Dept. Chair, Notre Dame HS West Haven
"Milestone C is an excellent experience for our students.  It is collaborative problem-solving of real problems that engage the boys.  They love the program!!"
Katie Saxon, VP of Academic Affairs, Notre Dame HS West Haven
“Milestone C has provided our students an experience unlike any other they could encounter in a typical classroom setting.  The program has allowed our students to gain exposure to real world professional skills and experiences.  They have increased their knowledge, communication skills and confidence.  This program provides our students a valuable stepping stone in their future career plan.”
Kathleen Riddle, Curriculum Leader, Shelton Public Schools
“Milestone C is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience hands-on STEM learning in a project-based learning environment. Additionally, students receive exposure to various engineering and aviation career opportunities.”
Victoria White, Supervisor of Professional Learning, Shelton Public Schools