Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

PL Overview

21st Century Skills at Fortune 500 Standards

Milestone C is proud to offer unique, high-demand professional learning programs for educators at school and district levels.  Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and find the best professional fit for your teachers, department chairs, and administrators.

A top-level list of Milestone C Professional Learning (PL) programs is as follows:

  1. SAR-X: High-Intensity Leadership & Team-Building Simulations

  2. Non-Linear Learning: A Hands-On Guide to Teaching 21st Century Skills

  3. The STEM Loop: Connecting Educators with a Panel of STEM Industry Professionals

  4. NGSS Spin-Up: A Deep Dive into NGSS-Aligned Curricula

Visit the Professional Learning Catalog for details & descriptions.

All Milestone C PL are delivered through prior coordination with school/district administration to specifically address the educational institution’s specific objectives for participants.

There is a 2-month lead time on all professional learning programs from contract to execution.  We look forward to discussing your organization’s professional learning objectives and scheduling an event during this school year.