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Pedro-X Professional

Leadership & Team-Building


4-6 Hours | 10-20 Participants | Contact Us to Price and Schedule

Pedro-X is a high-intensity leadership & team-building simulation that will test the collaborative skills of even the most seasoned teams.  The program was originally created by Milestone C co-founder Cemocan "Gemo" Yesil and premiered at the John F. Welch Leadership Development Center in 2012.  Since then, it has been employed by corporate giants (from GE to Bigelow Tea) and leading educational institutions with stellar results.

This extremely unique and impactful program immerses participants into a "war room" to plan, brief, execute, and debrief a simulated combat search & rescue mission.  They repeatedly make decisions under pressure, analyze problems, rapidly absorb and communicate information, weigh competing objectives, and witness the results of their actions real-time on a simulated satellite link.

Pedro-X Professional is an eye-opening experience for all experience levels and will quickly mold educators, administrators, and corporate professionals into high-performing work teams.  You can watch a TV special and Bigelow Tea's endorsement via YouTube on the right.