Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Parent Testimonials

What You Observed

"Thank you for instilling confidence, professionalism  and creativity in my son.  During the oral presentation I was able to see a side of him that I never knew existed as he spoke with confidence and a clear message he enjoyed the program."
"My son has loved every aspect of the intro to drones program and has learned so much.  He asked to take Advanced Drones.  The people who work with the kids are wonderful; extremely knowledgeable and personable.  I highly recommend MilestoneC!"
"I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful program for high school students, [my son] loved it! He was engaged by both the hands on learning and the presentations. So much so that he didn’t care about missing out on some fun social events with his friends. Well done! I wish you continued success."
"Every day [my son] got home after the Milestone C, I would ask how it was and he would explain what was done, what was cool, and what was planned for the next day. The usual answer from [my son] in most other programs would just be an 'it was alright' and that’s the end of it."
"Innovative with freedom. Students loved the freedom to create but respected the guidelines. I was also surprised with the self confidence and public speaking that was instilled in my son. It was like listening and watching another boy rather than my own. I was so proud."
"Highlight of [my son's] summer and a new way of teaching the up and coming.  Memories that will last a lifetime for our children.  [Prospective students/parents], just do it!"
"Milestone C was very engaging and fascinating. This experience made [my daughter] want to learn more, specifically in the areas of engineering and aviation. Thanks to this program, her horizons have been expanded!"
Thank you so much for the lovely and unforgettable experience that our son had this summer! Milestone C was an altogether eye-opening and new experience for our son. He received ground instruction on flying fundamentals and aerodynamics and used the flight simulator as a fun training opportunity. He was able to speak with professionals about the differences between engineering disciples, which helped clarify which courses he should take to be where he wants to be in the future. The value of Milestone C can neither be measured nor easily quantified, and it is absolutely worth the tuition.  Thank you for a summer full of growth and fun for our son!"
"This is truly a wonderful STEM program for students that have any interest in aviation or engineering. The co-founder's wife also works in clinical research and speaks to the students of the many possibilities found in bioengineering. Gemo and Dave are amazing with the students and teach them many valuable skills and lessons the students will use in college and throughout their professional life such as presenting concepts and working in teams. Kristi and Liz complete the team and show the female leadership in STEM oriented fields. The program offers hands on experience with flight simulators and drone building. The students truly gain an invaluable experience through this program."

“A great program!  Thank you for all your hard work, time and energy allowing these young men and women to be independent thinkers and engineers!  My son had an amazing experience and he was always enthusiastic to talk about what he did to the culminating project allowing them to build drones from the ground up!  Make sure the programs continue, these are our future engineers!”

"An investment into my child's future! Thanks to this program [my daughter] not only gained hands-on experience, but also learned valuable life skills such as leadership, communication, and exploration of different fields. This experience taught her that there are many skills that can be applicable in various ways in a multitude of careers, which is an invaluable tool in life."
"A co-piloted glide though aerospace sciences touching down in physics, biology, engineering, and teamwork. My son was sad when it was over. As a parent and teacher, I believe programs like this are more engaging and useful than many of the standard subjects. Students should have these non-traditional choices which can jump-start learners with different skills and interests. I teach a trade and I know there are many kids that are surprised to find out how good and how interesting a subject can be that is not offered everywhere. Not being a boxed in classroom subject, teenagers sometimes really flourish and a course like this can change their lives."
"I am so grateful to you for giving my son the chance to participate in your summer camp.  I saw a side of him I never knew existed."
"I was really excited to see [my son] take on a leadership role. I am looking forward to the Spring session and I will continue to recommend the program to others that may be interested in STEM. You have my full support!"

“My son learned a lot and had fun as well.  Very impressed with the entire program and the instructors.  Would recommend Milestone C to any parent or school!”