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In-School Field Trips

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In-School Field Trips


Grades: 4-8 | Duration: 2 hours | Maximum Class Size: None | Prerequisites: None | Tuition: $75*
* Special rates may apply for host or network school students.  Contact us to find out.

The half-day In-School Field Trips provide a well-rounded introduction to a select variety of hands-on science concepts centered around technologies relating to students’ everyday lives.  With the objective to “spark” long-term interest and enthusiasm in STEM fields, these elementary and middle school spark programs are built on Milestone C’s non-linear hands-on learning process.  Students are allowed the freedom and encouraged try & fail through several cycles, self-analyzing and improving each time.

Intro: Get the students interested | Demo: Get the students motivated | Do: Get the students engaged hands-on | Tell: Get students to understand | Ask: Get students to discuss