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The Milestone C After-School Program runs on a 14-week semester system, which includes 17 sessions and 40 hours of total instruction based on our STEM curriculum. The curriculum was developed specifically with the intent that no prerequisite student knowledge or prior experience is required.  We use analogy-based instruction and hands-on activities to facilitate student learning.


Milestone C Fall locations are:

  • Amity Regional High School
  • Shelton High School
  • Notre High School of West Haven

Bring Milestone C to Your School

Our goal is to establish a program within short commuting distance to each prospective student.  If you would like to see a Milestone C program in your local area or school, please contact us and let us know. Otherwise, Milestone C will setup programs at schools and districts with the highest concentration of registered students.  If more of your friends and classmates register, Milestone C will land closer to your area, if not directly at your school!


Milestone C's after-school programs consist of 17 sessions held over 14 weeks each Fall and Spring semester. The 14 mid-week sessions are 2-hours in duration starting after school, and the 3 weekend sessions last 4 hours starting at either 8:00 AM or 1:00 PM. Please see below for the Fall 2017 schedule. 

All training blocks identified on the curriculum page will be held during these sessions. If a student misses a session, there will be make-up opportunities by participating in another session, watching a video of the missed session, or through one-on-one tutoring with Milestone C staff at no additional cost.

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The program costs are a $100 registration fee and $75 weekly tuition ($1,150 total). Full and partial scholarships are available. Please visit our scholarships page for details and application instructions. Milestone C will proudly provide scholarships to 5% of its student body each semester. To expand our scholarship quota, we rely on our generous sponsors. To sponsor and help Milestone C train students who can't otherwise afford it, please visit our sponsorship page.

Payments can be made in cash (in person only), check (in person or mail), or through PayPal (with a credit card or paypal account).  Milestone C will send invoices two weeks prior to the start of each session.

Registration may be cancelled or students may stop attending the program at any time, for any reason. Registration fees for the Fall 2017 semester are fully-refundable until July 31, 2017. If attendance is contingent upon scholarship award and a scholarship is not awarded after July 31, 2017, Milestone C will still refund the registration fee in full.

Milestone C reserves the right to remove students from the program if their behavior hinders other students’ training. If such a situation occurs, billing will be pro-rated to the date of last session attended.

Please email us at with any questions about the registration process.

Register Online:

Register by Mail:

  • Print and fill out the registration form (download pdf here)
  • Please make checks payable to Milestone C LLC
  • Mail the registration form, check, and scholarship application (if applicable) to:

Milestone C LLC
554 Boston Post Rd. #130
Orange, CT 06477