Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Engineering and Aviation

A Hands-On Aerospace Experience

Intro. to Engineering & Aviation

Grades: 8-12 | Duration: 32 hours | Maximum Class Size: 25 | Prerequisites: None | Tuition: $1,150*
* Special rates may apply for host or network school students.  Contact us to find out.

Look no further if you have been searching for the experience to give your son or daughter's college application a much-needed edge.  Intro. to Engineering & Aviation is a hands-on aerospace experience and the flagship Milestone C program.  Designed as an internship-style experience to develop future professionals, first of its kind in STEM education, Intro. offers students key college & career skills.

The program revolves around a capstone engineering project where students design, build, and fly racing drones from scratch, emulating real-world engineering practices.  However, they must first learn to work effectively in teams, demonstrate leadership when called upon, and understand the basics of aerodynamics and flight.

Throughout the program, student teams pilot advanced flight simulators; build & fly drones; practice public speaking through formal design reviews; network with distinguished guest speakers; and experience team-building simulations originally designed for corporate executives.  Advanced personality type instruments are also administered to complement communication & conflict resolution instruction.  Please visit building blocks and curriculum details to learn more.