Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Curriculum Details

Build College & Career Skills


All Milestone C programs are designed and instructed by high-ranking industry professionals to create internship-style experiences in a variety of STEM fields.  Standard, classroom-style lectures are minimized to the maximum extent possible (less than 20% of each program).  Each program is built around a hands-on capstone project or exercise emulating real-world industry practices.  To review common components of Milestone C curriculums, please visit our building blocks page.

No prerequisites, no homework, no previous experience required

Our curriculums are developed specifically so that no prerequisite student knowledge or prior experience is required.  We use analogy-based instruction and hands-on activities to facilitate student learning.  There is no homework and all required activities are completed during program hours.

Real-world experience to shape future real-world professionals

Milestone C instructors include engineers and program managers from Fortune 500 aerospace corporations, veteran aviators, research scientists, and astrophysicists.  With decades of real-world experience, we help our students develop key college & career skills they can use in any professional capacity.  Our programs are continually under evaluation using student, parent, and host school feedback to make sure they remain aligned with our core principles.

target skills.png

The target skills listed above are not limited to engineering & aviation careers,  They are globally-applicable and useful to our students no matter which professional career track they choose.  Milestone C graduates are equipped with not only STEM knowledge, but also hands-on experience and professional skills to hit the ground running in college & beyond.

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