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Custom Curriculums

Embedded Programs for Schools

While we have been enjoying overwhelming interest for our after-school programs and summer camps, several host schools have also expressed interest in embedding custom STEM curriculums developed by Milestone C into their standard curriculum and bringing our programs into the school day.

Efforts to embed these custom programs into our host schools' day curriculums are currently underway and will be implemented as early as Fall 2019.  These projects range from developing single electives to standing up complete engineering programs with a multi-year progression.

Acknowledging the emergence of this new demand, Milestone C has shifted its strategic focus to include the development of custom STEM programs as a primary product line.  These curriculums are aligned with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and designed to address each host school’s unique objectives.

While custom curriculums are built on the foundation of our flagship programs, the aerospace focus can be replaced with a variety options ranging from robotics and automotive to scientific research and software engineering.

As our business model transforms to include this service, summer camps and after-school programs will be ideally situated to serve as laboratories to test and mature these custom-developed curriculums developed prior to implementation at our host schools.

Once ready for fielding, these programs can be delivered by Milestone C instructors or licensed to the host schools.  In case of the latter, Milestone C will provide all training, courseware, instructional aids/equipment, and support services necessary for the schools to execute the programs on their own.