Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders


Engineering & Aviation After School

All Milestone C programs create a hands-on experience facilitating an internship environment for high school students and minimizing standard classroom-style lectures. Centered around a design project emulating real-world engineering development programs, the primary curriculum components are detailed below.

Our programs are created by managers at Fortune 500 aerospace corporations, lead engineers, veteran aviators, and research scientists as a streamlined yet high-impact approach to shaping future STEM leaders.

Much like a workout routine targeting multiple muscle groups, our high-impact curriculums take a multi-disciplinary approach to developing key skills that we call the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO):

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Professional Conduct & Confidence
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking & Formal Presentation

The Milestone C curriculum combines hands-on training blocks and is continually evaluated through student, parent, and teacher feedback to make sure we are staying true to our core principles:

  • Be a laboratory, not a classroom
  • Instill confidence in our students
  • Keep it fun and exciting

If a student misses a session, there will be make-up opportunities by participating in another session, watching a video of the missed session, or through one-on-one tutoring with Milestone C staff.

No prerequisites, no previous experience required!

Milestone C's flagship engineering & aviation program curriculum was developed specifically so that no prerequisite student knowledge or prior experience would be required.  We use analogy-based instruction and hands-on activities to facilitate student learning.

Leadership and Team-Building Simulations

We are excited to offer our students the streamlined version of Pedro-X, a professional leadership and team-building simulation used by corporate giants such as General Electric (GE) and Bigelow Tea to train executive teams. You can watch the official Pedro-X video and Bigelow Tea company’s endorsement of the simulation at the YouTube link to the right.

Engineering Design Project

The class is assigned top-level "customer" requirements to design, build, and fly a racing drone from scratch. They work in 3 teams: engineers, program managers, and test pilots. The project spans the program duration and emulates industry standard engineering processes. Students will gain hands-on experience working in cross-functional teams as they write and analyze requirements; conduct preliminary and critical design; present at major design reviews; and, finally, test their completed product. Opportunities to rotate between students teams are available for comprehensive training on all design aspects.

Flight Simulator Training

Students receive ground instruction on flying fundamentals and basic aerodynamics followed by hands-on training on Milestone C's flight simulator. Simulator training will focus on demonstration of Physics and aerodynamics concepts, as well as problem solving, teamwork, communication, multi-tasking, prioritization, and situational awareness. Students on the test pilots team participate in all aspects of the engineering project and contribute the “operator's input” to the design process.

Distinguished Guest Speakers

There are multiple guest speaker presentations throughout the program emphasizing real-world applications of STEM education and highlighting various careers pathways available to our students. Previous guest speakers have included chief engineers and directors from Fortune 500 corporations, clinical research managers from cancer foundations, and command-level military aviators.


Students are highly encouraged to stay in contact after they complete the program as Milestone C offers long-term professional networking opportunities with our nationwide guest speaker network, alumni, and local staff. Some Milestone C students have already secured summer internships through such long term networking.

College and Career Mentorship

Milestone C curriculum includes an overview of various technical college majors and their typical flow into specific engineering career tracks. The objective is to help students put into perspective how their current interests and aptitude can be translated into a college education and career. Emphasis is on the differences between various engineering disciplines and how diverse skill sets can be equally competent for the same position within the same organization.


While lectures are kept to a minimum (approximately 19% of the program), students receive necessary instruction in basic flight dynamics, system engineering principles, and engineering management concepts to facilitate execution of the curriculum components outlined above.

Family Days

While parents and teachers are always welcome and encouraged to attend Milestone C programs, the last day of each program is a dedicated Family Day.  Teachers, families, and friends are specifically invited on this day to witness the students' final presentations and the testing of their completed engineering products.