Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Curricula Overview

Project-Based | NGSS-Mapped

Our staff of industry professionals and seasoned educators have jointly developed the most advanced and complete project-based curricula in the nation. Milestone C courses and learning tracks define the cutting edge of STEM education, experiential learning, and student engagement.

Schools and districts around the country can now subscribe and implement Milestone C curricula into their school years.  Our courses are organized into 4 independent tracks:

  • General Engineering

  • “BIG Tech

  • Aviation & Flight Science

  • Aerospace Engineering

Visit Learning Tracks for further details.

Subscribers can customize these learning tracks based on their unique educational objectives or work with Milestone C to develop brand-new custom courses and learning tracks.  Each course is one semester long with 75 hours of scheduled content that can be modified by teachers within a 65 to 90-hour range.

Subscription to each course is $3,000 per use (course contents available online from 2 months prior to first class through the end of semester) plus equipment costs.  Professional learning is included in the subscription free of charge and delivered through a combination of online content, video teleconferences, and customer support as needed.

Contact a curriculum specialist today to discuss your subscription scheduling and investment for learning tracks, stand-alone courses, or your own signature STEM programs developed by Milestone C for grades 9 through 12.

"For the past decade, it has been my mission to find unique and exciting STEM programs for the students in our district.  Although we have participated in many, none compare to the curriculum that Milestone C offers. 

Milestone C curricula are much more than just fun and exciting STEM programs.

The problem-solving, critical thinking and team-building delivery of instruction provides students with the qualities that all universities and employers are seeking in a high-quality candidate. 

The experiences students gain after completing any one of Milestone C courses, will not only prepare them for a future career in a STEM field, but, more importantly, for life."

 Tina Henckel
Asst. Director of STEM