Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Confidence to Influence

Public Speaking Workshops


Grades: 8-12 | Duration: 12 hours | Maximum Class Size: 25 | Prerequisites: None | Tuition: $450*
* Special rates may apply for host or network school students.  Contact us to find out.

Confidence to Influence is the signature Milestone C approach to building public speaking skills.  Our techniques, based on expansive experience, have been proven by repeated results to breed confident public speakers and future influencers!

The ability to concisely and effectively communicate in the 21st century STEM workplace is just as important as technical competence.  Public speaking and formal presentation skills have become an integral part of day-to-day job functions, as well as college and early career interviews.

As students start out, short and fun exercises help establish a basic comfort level.  From there, the spotlight intensifies as students build confidence by repetition.  Multiple technical presentations are delivered individually and in teams as Milestone C's highly-experienced instructors ensure each student graduates with this key college & career skill.