Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Building Blocks

Motivate & Empower

Each individual program curriculum shares the same underlying structure incorporating the following building blocks.  Our programs emulate real-world industry practices & processes, equipping students with hands-on experience & applied skills to made confident college & career decisions.

Engineering Design PROJECTS and capstone EXERCISES

Each program culminates in a design project/capstone exercise, where students apply newly-acquired skills and work in cross-functional teams.  In our Introduction to Engineering & Aviation program, students are assigned top-level "customer" requirements to design, build, and fly racing drones from scratch.  Working in engineering, program management, and test pilot teams, students write and analyze engineering requirements; conduct preliminary and critical design; present at major design reviews; and test their completed product.  Opportunities to rotate between student roles are available for comprehensive training on all design aspects.

cutting-edge instructional technologies

Attention spans are extremely limited in the information age.  Milestone C employs experiential learning techniques and instructional technologies guaranteed to capture and hold our students' attention.  Our advanced flight simulators are a prime example, used in multiple programs to demonstrate physics and aerodynamics concepts, as well as to facilitate problem-solving, team-building, and communication exercises.

Leadership and Team-Building Simulations

We are excited to offer our students a streamlined version of Pedro-X, a professional leadership and team-building simulation used by corporate giants such as GE and Bigelow Tea to train executive teams.  You can watch the program's TV special and Bigelow Tea Company’s endorsement below via YouTube.  Pedro-X is also available as a professional development opportunity for educators.  Note: Pedro-X is included in our Introduction to Engineering & Aviation program, offered as a stand-alone student program, and available as a professional development program for educators.  Other student programs don't include this simulation.


The ability to concisely and effectively communicate technical details of a project/mission in a formal setting is a must-have skill in today's corporate environment.  All Milestone C students receive in-depth training on public speaking & presentation skills, and get repeated opportunities to practice as they progress through their capstone projects.  Each program includes several formal presentations, which culminate in a final student presentation offered to an audience of peers, parents, teachers, friends, and family.

Distinguished Guest Speakers

Our engineering & aviation programs include several guest speaker presentations emphasizing real-world applications of STEM education and highlighting various careers pathways.  Previous guest speakers include chief engineers and directors from Fortune 500 corporations, chief executives from disruptive & successful startups, clinical research managers, and command-level military aviators.


The benefits of Milestone C programs continue after graduation.  Students are highly encouraged to stay in contact and take advantage of long-term professional networking opportunities with our nationwide guest speaker network, alumni, and local staff of industry professionals.  Milestone C students have already secured summer internships, college recommendations, and mentorship opportunities through such networking.

College and Career Mentorship

Milestone C curriculums include an overview of various college majors in the subject area and their typical flow into career tracks.  The objective is to help students realize how their current interests & aptitude can translate into college & career decisions.  Our students graduate with the understanding that vastly different skill sets can be equally competent in the same field and there is more than one pathway leading to each & every career goal.


While lectures are kept to a minimum (less than 20% of each program), students receive necessary instruction to facilitate the hands-on curriculum components outlined above.  Lectures are highly-interactive.  Some examples include basic aerodynamics, system engineering, engineering management, aerospace physiology, and human factors engineering.

Family Days

While parents and teachers are always welcome and encouraged to attend Milestone C programs, the last day of each program is a dedicated family day.  Teachers, administrators, families, and friends are specifically invited on this day to witness the students' final presentations and operational capstone project products.