Milestone C
Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Background & Heritage

What Motivates Us

Declining innovative motivation among millennials in the STEM workforce is an enduring problem for cutting-edge organizations.  Milestone C brings together managers and lead engineers from Fortune 500 corporations, veteran aviators, and research scientists to address the root cause.  Envisioned as internship-style experiences, all our courses and programs equip students with practical knowledge, 21st century skills, and the hands-on experience necessary to make confident college and career decisions.

Who develops the Milestone C programs?

Our curriculum authors, instructors, and staff have over 100 years of collective experience in professional STEM industries and education.  We have participated in development of presidential aircraft; served as lead engineers and program managers at Fortune 500 corporations; flown combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan as military pilots; delivered leadership and team-building training to corporate giants; led cancer research programs on the global stage; developed commercial aerospace test and overhaul equipment; led district-level STEM initiatives, and earned degrees from the world's leading educational institutes.

Now, we are proud and eager to impart our experience to the next generation of STEM leaders through Milestone Cā€™s nationwide curricula, local student programs, and professional learning opportunities for educators.  For more information, please feel free to contact us.

What does Milestone C mean?

In government acquisition aerospace programs (e.g. F-35 Fighter, B-21 Bomber, KC-46 Tanker), Milestone C marks the end of Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) and the beginning of Production and Deployment. We chose this name because we consider our students' participation in the program symbolic of a transition from general interest to informed decision-making.

For more information on aerospace industry practices, please visit this link for a description of Milestone C in government acquisition programs and this link for a government acquisition milestone overview.