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Archaeology Boot Camp

Mysterious Sites & Finds


Grades: 8-12 | Duration: 12 hoursMaximum Class Size: 30 | Prerequisites: None | Tuition: $350*
* Special rates may apply for host or network school students.  Contact us to find out.

Ever want to know what it feels like to be Indiana Jones?  Your time has finally arrived!  Archaeological science has been romanticized for centuries.  Intriguing discoveries from around the world, both past and present, paint epic stories of lost civilizations and ancient practices that have stoked humanity’s imagination for generations.

Milestone C’s new Archaeology Boot Camp explores the archaeological process and introduces students to career specialties within the field, while visiting some of history’s most interesting sites and finds from around the world without leaving the classroom!

Using an interactive and hands-on approach, students will learn how archaeologists use artifacts and site stratigraphy to begin unraveling age-old mysteries.  We will also explore the typical life cycle of an artifact, from its initial discovery to its display case in a museum, and everything in between.  This hands-on archaeology experience will introduce students to basic artifact analysis, profile drawing, and restoration.