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Advanced Engineering and Aviation

Next Level in Aviation & Drones

ADVANCED Engineering & Aviation

Grades: 8-12 | Duration: 32 hours | Maximum Class Size: 25 | Prerequisites: Intro. to Engineering & Aviation recommended | Tuition: $1,150*
* Special rates may apply for host or network school students.  Contact us to find out.

Advanced Engineering & Aviation combines the Advanced Drones - FPV and Future Aviators Pathway programs into one continuous 32-hour curriculum.   This course is designed for Intro. to Engineering & Aviation (recommended prerequisite) graduates who are passionate and motivated about future careers in engineering, aviation, or aerospace.

Advanced Drones - FPV Recap:

Designed as an explosive catalyst for technical and teamwork skills, Advanced Drone Engineering is the premier engineering camp and after-school program!

Advanced Drones takes the basic skills established during Intro. to Engineering & Aviation to the next level.  Student teams expand applied skills into system integration, including aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering disciplines.  Baseline racing drones are modified with cameras and the flight simulators employed during Intro. are transformed into advanced ground control stations.  Students also implement First-Person-View (FPV) goggles and fly as if they are in the cockpit.

Basic airmanship, teamwork, and hands-on engineering skills complete the Advanced Drones experience, prepare students for technical college majors, and serve as the ultimate incubator of future engineers.

Future Aviators Pathway Recap:

As the first of its kind available to high school students, Future Aviators is the ultimate aviation exploration laboratory where dreams take flight!  Developed and instructed by veteran aviators and aerospace engineers, Future Aviators Pathway boasts a real-world flight school experience without the risk or commitment.

As students plan, brief, execute, and debrief realistic mission scenarios; pilot advanced flight simulators; explore careers in aviation; and work in teams to survive simulated emergencies, they acquire key skills necessary for successful college and professional careers not limited to aviation.  In a hands-on environment simulating FAA private pilot training and U.S. Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT), this lightning-paced program introduces students to the fascinating world of aviation.